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Glenwood Sunday Market

invites you to become a Volunteer or Intern! 

Never volunteered for us before? Been a volunteer for years? Looking for a really cool internship? Glenwood Sunday Market invites you to join us as a volunteer or intern! 


Learn about the many things you can do to help the market. Whether you yearn to help our vendors set up, help us take care of our shoppers, raise money to support our programs or take a leadership role in market development, we welcome you.


The market actively seeks to continue existing relationships and develop new ones. We hope you will join us! Let us know about your interest here.

Contact us to learn more today!

*Volunteers must be age 21+ to volunteer at Glenwood Sunday Market, its programs and events. Volunteers under 21 years of age may request to volunteer with the accompaniment of a parent or guardian.

**Interns are required to be in an internship program at a properly accredited post secondary institution that requires internship as a part of a specific program.

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