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Thanks for the cool model of GSM, Daniel!

Daniel, age 5, is a rising 1st grader at Goudy Academy. When students in his kindergarten class were asked to build a model of something in their neighborhood, Daniel decided he wanted to show off Glenwood Sunday Market. We were able to sit down with Daniel at the last market to talk more about this project.

Glenwood Sunday Market: How long have you been a Rogers Park resident?

Daniel: I have lived in Rogers Park for over 5 years.

GSM: Tell us a little bit about your project and what you like at Glenwood Sunday Market.

Daniel: I like to go shopping for the foods I like to eat, like cookies and strawberries. I built my model from my mommy's work cards, and Q-tips. I made sure to include the money table [GSM's Payment table, where shoppers can swipe credit, debit, or Link cards to receive wooden tokens], the cookie vendor [B True Bakery], the Lyon vendor [Lyon's Fruit Farm], and the vegetable vendor [Midnight Sun Farm]. The market table is the biggest!

GSM: What is your favorite part of the market?

Daniel: I like seeing you! (points to GSM manager, Ann)

GSM: Aw, thanks Daniel, we like seeing you, too!

GSM: So what are you getting at the market today?

Daniel: I got a butterfly cookie!

High five, Daniel! We love your model, thanks for being such a great shopper!

Daniel loves finding the opening bell but thinks it's too loud, with one of his favorite vendors, summer 2015.

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