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GSM Awarded Grant to Maintain $25 Match for Link Shoppers

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Glenwood Sunday Market, a program of Rogers Park Business Alliance, is pleased to announce it has received a $4,000 grant which will allow the market’s Double Dollar Matching Grant Program for Link shoppers to maintain its $25 per shopper per market program.

The grant is the result of an ongoing initiative to expand Illinois Link benefit recipients’ access to fresh, local food. Thanks to LINK Up Illinois (a program of Experimental Station), Wholesome Wave, and the Illinois Farmers Market Association which together provided the funding for this generous grant.

Glenwood Sunday Market Director, Sheree Moratto commented, “With this generous grant, the market can continue to serve food insecure Rogers Park neighbors. The market is especially excited to be able to continue our generous $25 per shopper per market matching grant program. Every week, we see firsthand the importance this funding plays in our neighborhood as we work to achieve our mission to make sustainable regionally produced foods available to our whole community.”

Sandi Price, Executive Director of Rogers Park Business Alliance added, “Rogers Park Business Alliance is proud that our award-winning farmers market offers everyone in our neighborhood the opportunity to shop at Glenwood Sunday Market. If you know anyone who receives Link benefits, please encourage them to shop at the market every week.”

Rogers Park has been identified by the Greater Chicago Food Depository as having the highest food insecurity rate on the north-side of Chicago with estimates indicating that nearly 20% of residents have had times when they did not know when they would have their next meal. In addition, there are 10,000 Rogers Parkers who rely on Link benefits. Glenwood Sunday Market has accepted Link benefits since it opened in 2010 and has served hundreds of Link shoppers in the past six years.

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