Food Access at Glenwood Sunday Market

The Rogers Park community is an economically diverse one in which more than 20% of our residents are considered to be food insecure, meaning they don't know when they will have their next meal or if that meal with be nutritionally sound. It is a core value of Glenwood Sunday Market to make locally grown and produced food accessible to our whole community and has proudly been USDA approved to accept SNAP benefits since opening in 2010.


Interested in using your LINK card for our pre-order only market? Sign up for a WhatsGood account and complete this form! You'll be able to place a pre-order and check out with the option ‘Pay Later with SNAP’. Come market day, please arrive with your EBT information to be processed before picking up your order from vendors booths. GSM is pleased to announce we will match half of your Link-approved food purchases up to $25 per shopper per market.


Double Dollar Matching Grants for SNAP/Link Shoppers


Thanks special event fundraisers, generous donors and grantors, Glenwood Sunday Market strives to provide Dollar for Dollar marching grants to every Link Shopper at every market. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic caused the cancellation of GSM's major fundraiser, leaving us with less funding than budgeted for this season. The market will actively seek funding throughout the season.