2020 Shopping Plan

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GSM has instituted the following operational protocols:

GSM shoppers may download the WhatsGood App or register an account on the WhatsGood website and use it to pre-order, pre-pay and schedule their pick-up time at the market.

As of 7/26/2020, GSM will offer a walk-through market as well as a pre-order, pre-pay market which will allow customers to shop live with vendors.

GSM will not provide onsite transactions except for SNAP/Link Shoppers.


Shoppers who use SNAP/Link cards may pre-order using WhatsGood or they may shop live beginning 7/26/2020. Please stop at the GSM Welcome Table for details. 

Vulnerable populations are always welcome, with the 9 - 10 a.m. hour reserved for special priority.

There will be no customer touching or handling of products, no ready-to-eat foods, no food preparation or sampling allowed


Protective gear, Social distancing, Illness screening


Protective gear must be worn by staff, vendors, volunteers and customers.


Customers will be required to wear face coverings. If you do not have protective gear, GSM will provide you with a disposable face mask.

Face coverings must be worn over nose and mouth, unless a person has a medical condition or disability that prevents safely wearing a face covering or is a child under the age of two.

Staff, vendors and volunteers will be required to wear face coverings, gloves and other protective gear as deemed necessary.


Staff, vendors and volunteers will follow Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) testing and tracing protocols including administering a self-screening questionnaire and having their body temperature taken by non-invasive infra-red thermometers. If temperature is in the normal range, they will be allowed in to work at the market. If temperature is not in the normal range, they will be sent home and CDPH and CDC testing and tracing protocols will proceed.


Customers will have their body temperature taken by non-invasive infra-red thermometers. If temperature is in the normal range, they will be allowed into the market. If temperature is not in the normal range, a GSM staff or volunteer will gather their orders and the customer will not be allowed to enter the market area and will be sent away from the market site.


Customers will be required to use hand sanitizer at their entry to the market site and hand sanitizer will be available at vendor stalls throughout the market site. .


Market Site

GSM’s perimeter is clearly marked by fencing. The entrance is located at 1233-41 W. Pratt Blvd. The exit is at the alley to the rear of the site.

GSM shoppers will queue up from the market entrance west down the sidewalk maintaining six feet of social distancing between them. The sidewalk will be marked to aid in maintaining this distance.


Paths through the market are clearly marked as are vendor stalls and areas were guests can queue up while practicing social distancing.


Foot traffic through the market area is one way and customers may not re-trace their steps. Once they begin to walk through the market area, they must proceed forward following pathway guidelines.


Vendors will be assigned to a site that provides at least a six-foot distance between them and the neighboring vendor(s).


Vendors are required to use impermeable barriers (i.e., tables, vehicles, tents, weights, etc.) between themselves and customers to maintain at least a six-foot distance between them, other vendors and customers.


GSM will:

  • clearly mark any area where guests queue with appropriate physical distancing

guidance and will post signage to facilitate social distancing.

  • state the total number of shoppers allowed into the market footprint at one

time and continually track the number of shoppers entering, picking up orders and exiting to avoid overcrowding and keep the customers moving through the market

  • provide practical visual guidance so customers may easily follow directional passageways for foot traffic.

  • market tables, chairs, tent poles, POS machine and other high touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected every 30 minutes.


Food Access at GSM

GSM remains committed to providing multiple ways for individuals who would like to shop at the market to do so. GSM intends to provide dollar for dollar matching grants that will pay half of the shoppers Link-approved food purchases up to $25.00. If you have questions or ideas about these programs, please contact GSM by email at gsm@rpba.org.

Interested in using your LINK card for our pre-order only market? Sign up for a WhatsGood account and complete this form! You'll be able to place a pre-order and check out with the option ‘Pay Later with SNAP’. Come market day, please arrive with your EBT information to be processed before picking up your order from vendors booths. GSM is pleased to announce we will match half of your Link-approved food purchases up to $25 per shopper per market.

Glenwood Sunday Market is a Program of Rogers Park Business Alliance, a 501(c)3  Non-Profit Organization.

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