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Red Cherry Supper Club

Red Cherry Supper Club is an occasionally occurring, exclusive food, drink and social experience! This event highlights seasonal foods sourced from Glenwood Sunday Market vendors. Being a fundraising event, all proceeds support the Glenwood Sunday Market's programs.


Red Cherry Supper Club events are all inclusive, meaning you will indulge in signature drinks, wine, soft drinks, seasonal cuisines, live music and more! To add to the fun of this special event, the details of the evening (such as its location) will be revealed within 24 hours of the event. 


The next Red Cherry Supper Club will be scheduled soon.


Take a look at some snapshots of previous Red Cherry Supper Club events such as:


"Glamp"               September 2013 

"Cultured"            May 2014 

"Fuego"               November 2014 

"Ampersand"        August 2015




"Ampersand" - August 2015

"Cultured" - May 2014

"Glamp" - September 2013

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