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Whole grain goodness from B True Bakery

B True Bakery was founded and is owned by Brady Braden. B True has been in business for 7 years and at GSM for 6. Brady makes the most wonderful, whole grain baked goods that you would never guess are full of healthy ingredients. Here's what Brady makes him tick: "...After finishing French Pastry School, I opened B True Bakery to offer all-natural whole grain baked goods utilizing a shared kitchen space in Oak Park. I sold wholesale to coffee shops and specialty food stores and joined Farmers Markets. I lost over 100 pounds in the last two decades and have been a Group Fitness Instructor at Chicago Athletic Clubs for over 10 years. It was actually the inspiration for starting B True Bakery

Meet Jenny Yang, Visionary Owner of Phoenix Bean Tofu

The unchallenged champ of all things tofu, Jenny Yang has owned Phoenix Bean for 10 years of its 35-year operation. Glenwood Sunday Market has been fortunate to have Phoenix Bean as one of our vendors for several years. We had the good luck of being able to hear what drew Jenny into the business of tofu. "....My kids and I love fresh tofu, soy milk and are lactose intolerant. I discovered a tofu company in my neighborhood one day and was intrigued by the chance to maintain the tradition of making a freshly made food that I grew up with in Taiwan. I experienced a bit of midlife crisis and was tired of commuting and working for corporate businesses. I knew nothing about tofu making but decided

The Urban Canopy and Compost Club

The Urban Canopy is one of Glenwood Sunday Market's most unique vendors because, appropriately enough, it serves as a canopy for two additional farms: Videnovich Farms and River Valley Ranch. GSM recently had a chance to talk to Kelsey, the Farmers Market Lead at The Urban Canopy, to hear more about the powerful ways they integrate sustainability and social equality into their business model. Here’s what Kelsey had to say: “Our business model is unique in that we are not just growers we are also eaters and composters. Our mission is to grow more food in a sustainable way that directly impacts the way we think about nutrition, environment, economy, and community.... Regarding nutrition, we st

Learn more about Wild Beet Farm!

Our conversation with Wild Beet Farm taught us a lot.... GSM: How did you get your start in the business? Emily started playing with bugs and picking raspberries in her parents garden as a kid....Jen was introduced to farming at her elementary school where they worked in a greenhouse. She has worked on organic farms all over Europe through the WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) program. GSM: What is something our market goers would be surprised to know (aka fun fact!) Our dog Phoenix digs up most of our potatoes. Just kidding:) GSM: What does sustainability mean to you? How have you integrated sustainable practices in your business model? Sustainability means giving back what

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