Welcome Our 2020 Participating Vendors

Glenwood Sunday Market connects local farmers & food artisans with Rogers Park and the surrounding community.

Our preference is for farmers growing within a 200 mile radius of zip code 60626, who grow using sustainable, ecological and organic practices and for food artisans who work sustainably and source locally preferably from the farmers of Glenwood Sunday Market. 

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Bennison's Bakery is a founding vendor of Glenwood Sunday Market and has been a North Shore institution since 1938 earning a reputation as a high quality full line bakery with an emphasis on European style pastries, cookies and custom decorated cakes. Owner and Certified Master Baker Jory Downer, was the grand prize winner of the Coup du Monde in 2005. 

Earth First Farms is a certified organic apple orchard and vegetable farm owned and operated by Tom and Denise Rosenfeld since 2005. Only 100 miles from Chicago, 100% of all produce is certified organic by the Global Organic Alliance. The farm is home to more than 4,500 fruit-bearing apple trees, a field of strawberries and a diverse vegetable crop. 

Pies and Canned Goods

Products available from Finn's Ranch & Farmstand

Elsie Mae's Canning specializes in preserving traditional style baking and canning passed down from their family through the generations. They make 120 jams, bloody mary mixes and salsas using fresh, seasonal, and local produce. They also make all of their pies and pot pies by hand before each market.

Finn's Ranch is a small family farm whose original goal was to provide a healthy food for their family. They enjoyed farming so much they decided to take it to the next level to provide meats, poultry, eggs and more. They go to great lengths to ensure their farm provides as much of a natural environment as possible. Their animals are all happily grazing their pastures every day.

Hardin Family Farms from Michigan offers a wide variety of sustainably grown fruits and vegetables including apples, cherries, peaches, berries, apricots, plums, asparagus, corn, tomatoes, cider and other fruits and vegetables.

HoneyWorks is based in Grayslake, IL. Beekeeper Colin & co partner with local organic farmers to host the hives producing the raw honey and honey comb they will bring to market.

Truffles, Caramels, Marshmallows

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Katherine Anne Confections has been creating local-focused, hand-crafted sweets in Chicago since 2006. Katherine's upbringing on a small Wisconsin farm led to an appreciation for fresh, sustainable, and delicious products. Her first venture started at the age of 10, when she would use cream from her family's Jersey cows to create soft, old-fashioned caramels. 


Lyons Fruit Farm is a 3rd generation fruit farm dedicated to growing the best produce Michigan has to offer.

Mickii's Desserts will be joining us as a guest several times this season. Mickii's Desserts feel like home because they come from the heart. Some recipes were handed down from mother-to-daughter, and others were lovingly developed over time. Baked with family and friends in mind, each cookie, cobbler, cake, and pie is crafted with quality ingredients.

Milwaukee Homegrown is a small flower farm near Milwaukee, Wisconsin growing a wide variety of seasonal annuals for cut flower bouquets.


With standard baking knowledge, you can make bread that tastes good, but our dad has pushed to bake all-around good bread. His desire to understand the scientific and mathematical elements of baking good bread is how we came up with the name "pHlour." Just as we weren't born into a baking family, none of us are certified scientists, however, we have always been encouraged to experiment in life.

Phoenix Bean is committed to producing a healthy and sustainable food source that supports the local community. Whether you are a vegan or omnivore, Phoenix Bean's soy milk and tofu products are a highly nutritious choice for protein completely produced here in Illinois.  All of their non-GMO soybeans are locally grown in Illinois and are naturally farmed without chemicals and pesticides. 


Stamper Cheese offers an exceptional table of small-batch cheese. All the milk comes from small, sustainable family farms in cooperatives, some fourth and fifth generation, and is hormone free. From 8 year old cheddar to raw milk aged gouda to fresh hand-milled garlic ‘n’ dill cheese curds to applewood smoked string cheese, 


Giardiniera, Relish, Pickles

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That Pickle Guy Products were developed from generations and generations of family recipes. We not only believe in the richness of family, but strive to help you recreate those loving moments each time you and your family sit down for dinner. Our passion comes from using the same old world techniques, but incorporating them into modern day to make tantalizing sensations.

The Urban Canopy grows organic food here in Chicago.The Urban Canopy also represents River Valley Ranch products at Glenwood Sunday Market. River Valley Ranch grows five varieties of mushrooms year-round and a select variety of vegetables seasonally at their sustainable family farm in Burlington, Wisconsin.


Urban Tables provides home-cooked meals to families in Rogers Park, Edgewater and Evanston. Offering American and international cuisines prepared with seasonal ingredients along with the convenience of delivery, these per serving meals offered on a weekly basis are designed to decrease stress on time, quality and budget conscious families.  ​

Tong Vang cares for her farm the way we care for our children. She doesn’t use pesticides or insecticides on the vegetables because they eat them every single day and want everyone who eats their produce get the most nutrients from it.

Wild Coyote Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown and Certified Organic small family farm in beautiful Southwest Michigan, dedicated to natural, organic and sustainable growing practices to produce delicious and nutritious vegetables, fruit and eggs.

Glenwood Sunday Market is a Program of Rogers Park Business Alliance, a 501(c)3  Non-Profit Organization.

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