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The Community Shares Project is an initiative of Glenwood Sunday Market and is one of our Food Access programs. It aims to increase the amount of locally-grown fresh produce consumed by food insecure Rogers Park area residents and increase their knowledge of how to utilize that food, at no charge to them.


Community Shares intends to develop an alternative food network that cuts the red tape and potential financial obstacles between local farmers’ locally, sustainably, and/or naturally grown produce and the food insecure people who want to consume it but can’t afford it or don’t know where to find it.


Community Shares has a twofold goal:

  • increase income for farmers through the upfront purchase of Community Supported Agriculture shares

  • increase access to fresh produce for people experiencing food insecurity through free distribution of the produce

Community Shares is a collaborative effort of Glenwood Sunday Market, Midnight Sun Farm, The Urban Canopy, Wild Beet Farm, Earth First Farms and other growers. Partner organizations are food pantries, soup kitchens, meal centers and other organizations that have food distribution programs serving the hungry in the Rogers Park area including Between Friends, Food Not Bombs, H.O.M.E. (Housing Opportunities and Maintenance for the Elderly), Community Feast of United Church of Rogers Park, A Just Harvest and St. Ignatius Food Pantry.


GSM fundraises to operate the Community Shares Project. The funds raised are used to purchase fresh, locally grown produce from partner farms and given to partner food distribution organizations. 


To participate in the program, potential partner organizations must apply to GSM and be accepted to CS. Potential partners must prove that:

  • they serve a clientele that is food insecure in the Rogers Park area

  • they have an appropriate food distribution system

  • there will be no charge to the consumer to access the food


Community Shares 2017 has been funded by generous contributions from donors and the proceeds of GSM’s HEAT IT UP Pro Am Chili Cook Off and Fundraiser.

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