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Glenwood Sunday Market is a farmers market in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, devoted to providing local, sustainably grown and produced foods that are also organic whenever possible. Composed entirely of farmers and food artisans that work in our local food shed, our mission is to make sustainable, regionally produced foods accessible to our whole community. 

Glenwood Sunday Market is a Program of Rogers Park Business Alliance



An equitable, ethical and secure local food system. 



To make sustainable, regionally produced foods available to our whole community. 


 Core Values

  • Engagement – we believe that by enhancing engagement between market shoppers/guests, vendors and the community at large, we will enhance knowledge and understanding of the importance of the local food system.

  • Secure, Local Food System – we sustain our local food system through supporting the efforts of local farmers and food producers whose operational models maintain or improve the quality of our natural resources and assure long term accessibility to farmland.

  • Social Justice – we believe that it is important to be community supported, community serving and community reflecting which we achieve by providing a welcoming environment for all and food access programming for those in need.

  • Sustainability – we are committed to economic, environmental and social sustainability and to making Glenwood Sunday Market a self-sustaining entity through ongoing, active planning focused on achieving operational longevity.



Endorsement Policy

Glenwood Sunday Market does not endorse any individual, group, products or services and shall not be held liable under any circumstances for any damages that may result from use of or reliance on information, services or merchandise provided by sponsors and vendors of the Glenwood Sunday Market.

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