here are a few things you should know when coming to visit us...

we are open sundays, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. and are located at 1233 w. pratt blvd

all vendors accept cash and most accept credit and debit cards.


if you have tokens from previous seasons, you can shop with them this year, but we are not selling new ones to credit and debit card customers.

you can pre-order from many of our market vendors using the WhatsGood app by 11:59 p.m Thursday nights.


Link shoppers can shop live or pre-order from WhatsGood here.

parking is difficult, so you might want to consider riding your bike or walking to the market site.

we are a pet-friendly market, so expect to see people with their leashed pets. 

our vendors grow and produce food locally, so you will see seasonally available fruits and vegetables at the market. 



what's in season...june 20

strawberries * scapes * asparagus radishes greens * rhubarb * cherries * kohlrabi *